The importance of building energy efficient, green homes is something we’re dedicated to here at Christopher Companies – it’s why every home we build is Energy Star certified, and why we’re one of the regional leaders in Energy Star certified homes. In fact, this year we won an Energy Star Certified Homes Market Leader Award for our commitment to building energy efficient homes for our customers!

And thankfully, we’re not alone in our dedication to building green homes! According to a recently released report from McGraw Hill Construction, more builders are pursuing sustainable building practices than ever before – and the market for green homes is only expected to become stronger in coming years. The McGraw Hill Construction report provides the following encouraging statistics about green home construction:

  • By 2018, 84% of single-family home building firms expect at least 15% of their projects to be green. Currently, 64% of builders report this level of activity for green homes.
  • Single-family home building firms who do more than 90% of their projects green comprise 19% of the market, and this number is expected to jump to almost 40% by 2018.
  • By 2016, the green single-family home building market is predicted to represent about 26% to 33% of the overall market. Based on current trends, this translates to a $80 billion to $101 billion market.

This predicted growth in the green home market can be attributed to two main factors, according to the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) – high quality of green homes and greater customer demand. And with so many benefits for homeowners of green homes, it’s no wonder why customers have become increasingly interested in going green! Homeowners can not only benefit from potentially substantial savings on their monthly energy bills with green homes, but also have the peace of mind knowing that they’re reducing their environmental impact. Green homes are also widely-known to be extremely comfortable temperatures-wise because of the efficient way in which they circulate air and shield the indoor space from the outdoor weather.

At Christopher Companies, we’re proud to build energy efficient homes that benefit the environment and benefit homeowners financially. In fact, the green homes we built last year will collectively save homeowners about $23,100 on utility bills and reduce almost 290,000 pounds of carbon dioxide each year, according to Energy Star.

Residential construction is an important economic driver, and as the market continues to grow as predicted in the coming years, green housing is expected to become even more prevalent. We’re excited to continue offering energy efficient green homes to homeowners in Virginia and Delaware’s Sussex County, and we’re looking forward to what the future holds for this important sector of the home building industry!

SOURCE: National Association of Home Builders