If you consider that up to 38% of the residential construction market is expected to be comprised of green homes by 2015 – an impressive jump from 17% in 2011, according to McGraw-Hill Construction – it’s clear that there are some big benefits to building and living in energy efficient homes.

With both financial and environmental benefits in mind, the choice to build green and to live in an energy efficient home is an easy one. At Christopher Companies, we’ve experienced firsthand the benefits of building green homes and providing them to our consumers. This is especially true in our Delaware communities, which are all members of the Delaware Green for Green program.

Being a part of the Green for Green program means that consumers who choose to buy a home in one of Christopher Companies’ four Delaware communities – Wharton’s Bluff, Millville by the Sea, Baywood Greens and Laguna Bay – can be eligible for a rebate check of up to $2,500, simply because they’re buying an energy efficient home.

Homeowners who buy in one of our communities in Delaware can not only receive the instant gratification of receiving a rebate check, but also financially benefit over time. One of the biggest motivators for any homeowner considering an energy efficient home is the potential for drastic future savings in energy bills. Green homes use energy more efficiently, meaning that less energy is wasted and homeowners cut costs and save money.

Other financial benefits of energy efficient construction include the following:

· Various programs on a national and state level, such as the Delaware Green for Green program, offer incentives for buying and building energy efficient homes.

· Energy efficient construction is saving the United States government, citizens and businesses more than $500 million per year in avoided energy costs, according to the Alliance to Save Energy.

· The strong trend towards energy efficiency has lead to job creation – in fact, the creation of more than 830,000 jobs in 2010, according to the Alliance to Save Energy.

And best of all, these financial benefits don’t come at the cost of comfort – because green homes circulate air efficiently, comfortable temperatures are maintained throughout the home. Energy efficient homes also shield the living space from the outdoors more effectively, creating a “thermal envelope” that doesn’t allow heat or air-conditioned air to escape the home.

Though the financial benefits of owning an energy efficient home are certainly attractive, another big advantage are the environmental benefits. Operating an energy efficient home means less wasted energy, which reduces environmental impact. According to the Residential Energy Services Network, 16% of greenhouse gases produced in the United States comes from residential dwellings – but the more that homeowners choose energy efficient homes, the smaller this number can become.

A smaller environmental footprint is something that homeowners can feel good about, and they can be confident that they’re doing their part to improve the environment. Overall, the move towards energy efficiency has proven to be successful – according to the Alliance to Save Energy, the United States uses 56% less energy now than if energy efficient technology and policies weren’t in place.

Saving money while remaining comfortable in your home and helping out the environment – it sounds like a pretty good deal, doesn’t it? At Christopher Companies, we know the value of building and buying energy efficient homes, and it’s why we’re passionate about green building practices.

For homeowners who share our passion for energy efficiency and have been looking for a second home near the beach, there couldn’t be a better time than now to buy a Christopher Companies home. The potential to receive a rebate check and save on future energy bills is a big attraction, but there’s even more to love about buying a Christopher Companies home in Wharton’s Bluff, Millville by the Sea, Baywood Greens or Laguna Bay. Our homes and townhomes offer incredible value for unsurpassed quality construction in beautiful neighborhoods, all within proximity of the Delaware beaches. There’s truly no better time than now to experience all the benefits that buying in a Christopher Companies Delaware community can offer.

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