If you’re not from the mid-Atlantic area, you might not know too much about the state of Delaware. After all, it is the second-smallest state in the nation, next to Rhode Island. However, as Christopher Companies has discovered by building beautiful single-family homes and townhomes there, this small but mighty state has a lot to offer! The following are just a few of the reasons why we build in Delaware’s Sussex County:

  • Never far from the beach!: Sussex County isn’t very large, and one of the main benefits of its size is that you’re never very far from the beautiful Delaware shore! Sandy beaches, the tranquil Atlantic Ocean and charming coastal towns await you at the Delaware shore, and when you buy a home in Sussex County, you can enjoy all the best of the beach whenever you want.
  • Notoriously tax-friendly: Delaware has been recognized by countless sources – including Kiplinger and CNN – as being one of the best states in the country for low taxes. In fact, last year Kiplinger recognized Delaware as most tax-friendly state in the nation! Delaware’s taxes are especially beneficial for retirees, and Sussex County in particular s known for its low property taxes.
  • Wonderful small towns: We’re proud to say that Christopher Companies homes and communities are located in some of the most charming small towns in Sussex County! Whether it’s our Wharton’s Bluff townhomes in Millsboro, our Baywood Greens homes in Long Neck, our Laguna Bay condominiums in Selbyville or our Millville by the Sea homes in Millville, our homeowners love where they live.
  • Relaxed lifestyle: There’s good reason why Sussex County is called “slower, lower Delaware!” There’s a relaxing pace of life in Sussex County that you’d be hard-pressed to find elsewhere. It’s one of the main reasons so many of our homeowners fall in love with the area, and the relaxing lifestyle makes Sussex County the perfect place to buy a beach home!

But the primary reason we build in Delaware’s Sussex County is that we want what’s best for our customers, and Sussex County has so many benefits, we’re confident that it’s the best place for our homeowners to buy a beach home in the mid-Atlantic. Christopher Companies’ commitment to quality, design and sustainability translates into a beautiful, exceedingly livable beach home that you and your family can enjoy for years to come in Sussex County, Delaware.