It may be cold and blustery outside, but there are plenty of fun things you can do while staying warm inside! Houzz came up with a list of 25 new home design trends for 2016, and we picked out some fun ones that are easy to do yourself in your Christopher home! These home trends will give you affordable, creative ways to decorate and spend time in your home!

Statement Mirrors

Bathrooms can sometimes be neglected, but now they’re getting a lot of attention with this easy update. No need to go crazy with paint colors or decorations; one or two statement mirrors can completely change the dynamic of a bathroom. According to Houzz, statement mirrors are a fun new way to bring some style to your bathroom and add an unexpected design element.

Bathroom statement mirrors

Go Low-Tech

Instead of rooms dominated by flat screen TVs and gaming consoles, pick a room in the house to be tech-free. This will be a good way to spend more time with family, catch up on your reading list, or just hang out without distractions. Rooms that are low-tech are making a comeback this year, according to Houzz.

Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 10.57.30 AM

Less is More Décor

There’s no need to fill rooms with clutter. Often times, we become so focused on filling up empty shelves and coffee tables with things that the result can be an over-crowded living area. Instead, Houzz suggests picking one or two details to focus on and keep everything else simplified. Hanging a large piece of artwork, or decorating a couch with accent pillows is all that your living space needs.

Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 10.59.03 AM

Formal dining rooms

When was the last time you used your dining room for an everyday meal? Houzz predicts that this year, families will be gathering more for meals in their dining rooms and putting them to good use. Try having one or two meals a week around your dining room table; it’ll make an ordinary meal feel more special!

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