When moving into your new Christopher Companies townhome at either Wharton’s Bluff or Marina Landing, you’ll be tasked with the exciting venture to furnish your new place and make it your home. It seems easy, and for many, just bringing their own furnishings into a new space will have them feeling right at home in no time.

For others, there are a few things to remember when turning your new space into your home: Unique décor, a dash of nostalgia, and a whole lot of family and friends can turn any new townhome into your very own place of comfort!

Décor that’s unique to you and your family, like macaroni portraits made by your children, a souvenir from an unforgettable vacation, or a sentimental painting or vase that has been in your family for years all help to make a home distinctively yours. After all, what could be more ‘you’ than your favorite things? Display these pieces throughout your new townhome and build on to your collection!

Speaking of family heirlooms, using a little of nostalgia is a great way ‘break in’ a new house. Cooking family recipes to fill the kitchen with aromas from your childhood, using your absolute favorite throw blanket while reading on the couch, or creating new traditions that the whole family can enjoy make any new space feel cozy and familiar.

Lastly, what truly makes any new house a home are those who are closest to our hearts; our family and friends. After all, home is where the heart is! Whether these are in the form of photographs or the real thing, being surrounded by those you love makes moving to a new Chrisotpher Companies townhome a fun and enjoyable experience.

The minute you step foot in your new Christopher Companies townhome at Marina Landing or Wharton’s Bluff, you’ll know you’ve made the right choice in home builders. Our spacious floor plans and open layouts in all of our townhome models lend easily to any type of furnishings, ensuring that you and your family will quickly feel at home.

And of course, no matter your choice in décor, everything goes beautifully with water views! At both Marina Landing and Wharton’s Bluff, our townhomes welcome stunning water views of the Occoquan River and Indian River respectively. These rare townhomes are definitely popular amongst homebuyers – only a few remain in each community! Who wouldn’t love waking up to that view every morning?