Sussex County, DE, home to our townhomes at Wharton’s Bluff, is a gem of a region.  People from all over the Mid-Atlantic flock to this coastal retreat multiple times a year, and some even choose to live here full time.  For many, Sussex County is synonymous with summer vacations, weekends spent crabbing or fishing, and enjoying the perfect scenery with family.

Because of Sussex County’s popularity, it’s easy to see how this area performs so well in the housing market.  In fact, Delaware Business Daily reported that the county saw a 3% increase in home sales during the first quarter of 2014.  This number includes the sales of newly built homes, much like our townhome models at Wharton’s Bluff.  Maybe most remarkably, Sussex County bypassed the other two counties in Delaware, which both saw decreases in home sales over the same time frame.

What else makes this area so popular for homebuyers?  If you live at Wharton’s Bluff, the reasons are clear!  The Christopher Companies townhomes in this community are truly one-of-a-kind.  Built alongside the Indian River, all homes feature floor plans that are expansive and complementary to the already-beautiful scenery.  These waterfront wonders give homeowners the luxury of stunning river views every single day.

Varying designs give home shoppers options when they search for their dream home at Wharton’s Bluff.  With the Eagle and the Swan models, homeowners will find optional decks and porches, 3 bedrooms, 2.5 or 3.5 bathrooms, full kitchens and a garage.  And with a gazebo, tot lot, scenic walking trails, and a community pool and poolhouse, Wharton’s Bluff has multiple amenities available to homeowners.  Residents even have the benefit of a communal fishing and crabbing pier to enjoy the Indian River even more!

With new homes in Sussex County like our townhomes at Wharton’s Bluff, it’s no wonder this region’s housing market is the best in the state!  And not only is the popularity of Sussex County evident, but of Wharton’s Bluff as well.  These rare townhomes are in demand and are selling fast.  Interested homebuyers should visit the Wharton’s Bluff page to find out more about moving into this incredible community!

Source: Delaware Business Daily