Vienna Grove - Glyndon - Main Level

One thing that many people wish they had more of in their home is space. Many homes, particularly older homes, feature separate living rooms, family rooms and dining areas. New homes for sale, such as the homes of Christopher Companies, have innovated how we think about these rooms by creating an open floor plan “great room,” which provides more space and more options for homeowners. Here are some reasons why you’ll love an open floor plan in your home.

Natural Light – The open floor plan that you’ll find in a Christopher Companies home provides you with much better natural lighting than you would find in other homes. The lack of physical barriers allows the light in all of your rooms to travel, allowing for more light throughout your home. Our award-winning Glyndon model at Vienna Grove is a perfect example of this! (P.S. if you purchase a home at Vienna Grove before Dec. 30th, 2017, you could receive a complimentary stone-facing fireplace! Hurry in – only 2 to-be-built homes remain! Learn more » )  

Great Visualization – An open floor plan is the perfect solution for busy families. Parents can cook in the kitchen or work in an office space while being able to keep an eye on their kids from across the room. The natural flow of all the rooms is also perfect for parties, allowing everyone to mix and mingle without being crowded in one space!

Better Quality Time – With lots of space, our homes create a more open environment that you can’t help but enjoy. You can have conversations with someone in the living room while you are in the kitchen or host that large family get together you’ve been meaning to hold. You’ll love having such a spacious room in your new Christopher home!

Versatile Floor Plan – One of the advantages of an open floor plan is that many new homeowners don’t consider is its versatility. The awesome, open space can be used however you like, creating several different options that will meet your needs. We give you the chance to plan your Christopher home exactly the way you want it.

Visit one (or many) of our open-floorplan Christopher Companies homes today! Visit our website to learn more about all of the new homes for sale.