New construction homes, such as the new homes built by Christopher Companies, are the preference for many homebuyers. In fact, a poll by Trulia has said that 41% of Americans would prefer to buy a newly built home to a previously existing home. New construction homes from Christopher offer many advantages and features that you typically wouldn’t find in an older home. We wanted to highlight a few of them to show you all of the features and qualities you’ll find in one of our brand new homes.

One of the biggest draws for buying a new construction home is the fact that you’re moving into a home that no one else has lived in. Anyone who’s lived in an older home that has shown its signs of wear can see the allure of living in a brand new home. While there might be some light work needed to decorate your new home, you can rest assured that your home will be finished the moment you step in.

Something that many people might not consider when buying a new home for sale is their utility bill. Every new home built by Christopher Companies is “EnergyStar” certified by a third party agency, meaning that a new home will be friendly to the environment and save you money on your electric, cooling and heating bills. While you might not save much initially, your savings will add up in the long run!

One reason that many people buy new construction homes is to avoid the extra expenses and upkeep costs that you might end up paying for in an older home. These could range from major repairs that previous homeowners had neglected to replacing bathroom fixtures or old appliances. Christopher Companies homes offer standard features such as GE Energy Star appliances, granite countertops, updated bathroom fixtures and much more that you won’t find in many previously built homes.

Christopher Companies has a wide variety of communities that have beautiful new construction homes for sale. Learn more about the homes of Christopher Companies from our website.