There are times when we feel overwhelmed in our own home, especially during this stressful time of year known as the holiday season. Things like clutter and disorganization are a few factors that can unknowingly add even more stress to our lives, but there are a few simple tricks to making your home a calming retreat. Try these ideas in your Christopher Companies home to become more relaxed this holiday season!

Create symmetry
When deciding where to put things in your home, it is important to organize furniture and décor in a strategic way. One of the most aesthetically pleasing design tricks is to create symmetrical spaces that will not overwhelm your mind. If items in your home look out of place, crooked, or just not right to the eye, it can be a distraction.


Soften the light
Lighting is a huge part of what affects our mood and senses. Adding multiple soft lights in your home instead of one extremely bright light in each room will make for a more restful space. If you have the option to add lighting with a dimmer, this will allow you to adjust the lighting to your mood. Don’t forget to open up your curtains from time to time, because natural light is one of the best mood enhancers!

Add greenery
Adding plants to your home will bring the outdoors in, and for many, the outdoors is a great place to de-stress! Some plants, like roses or lilies, have more measurable effects, such as being beneficial to the air quality of your home. Specific flowers can also add calming scents to spaces of your home, which you can choose based on your preferences of smell. Even placing smaller fake plants in different rooms can brighten up your home.


Keep surfaces organized
Have you ever walked into a room after a stressful day, only for it to be made worse by finding a mess on your desk, kitchen counter, or dresser? The organization of surfaces like these is key for a clear and open mind. Keep spaces organized by having baskets or containers where items can quickly be sorted, and clear all surfaces every day or so for upkeep.

Color yourself calm
According to experts, color can be a large factor in the tranquility of a home, depending on which ones you choose to incorporate. The most calming colors to bring into your home are green and blue, along with light neutrals.


Lose the TV
In the age of technology, we look at screens all day, and are in the habit of binge-watching our favorite shows into the wee hours of the night instead of getting chores done. If you find yourself constantly getting distracted by a TV in one specific room, it may be a good idea to move it. If you can’t move the TV, concealing it inside a piece of furniture is a great way to keep it out of sight.

Take a deep breath and follow these steps to creating a more relaxing retreat in your Christopher Companies home! For more information about our brand new homes, visit