Our first retail client at Marina Landing is putting the finishing touches on his store and will be opening by mid-September! Harborside Market, owned by Yared Araya, will be a one-stop shop for folks who live in the Belmont Bay community or visit the marina. Neighbors can stop in for a cup of coffee and to drop off their dry-cleaning in the wee hours of the morning (same day service—wow!), or make a pit stop after yoga class for some delicious fresh juice. Boaters can make a pit-stop before heading out and fill up their coolers with a bevy of lunch or light dinner choices, including cold sandwiches, salads and drinks.
Yared is excited about the Market and is optimistic that the place will be hopping! He hopes to create a neighborhood feel at his family-run shop. His wife, Sosena Engada, will run the market day-to-day. Opening hours are 5:30 AM to 10 PM during the busy summer season, then 5:30 AM to 9 PM through the winter.
Stay tuned for more information as the Grand Opening approaches!