Have you ever bought energy efficient light bulbs? Do you recycle at your home? These are just a few small things that homeowners do to conserve energy and protect the environment. While these things are helpful, did you know that you could go even greener and make your entire home energy efficient? Christopher Companies is one of the leading builders of EnergyStar certified homes in the region, and we are committed to leading edge and sustainable building technologies in every home we build and new site we develop! Here are a few reasons why more homebuyers are going green when building a home.


Materials play a very important role in your home for a number of reasons. Homes that are well insulated will be better able to protect your home from severe cold and oppressing heat, which will in turn help lower your heat or air conditioning use! In addition, using recycled materials in your home will greatly reduce your carbon footprint.


Although there is a common misconception that building a green home is more expensive, building a sustainable home will help your wallet out in the long run. Using less energy means lower electric bills and more financial savings on your home. In addition, using safe, sustainable materials when building your home will also give you peace of mind knowing that you are living in a healthy environment.

Environmental Benefits

If you’re looking to build an eco-friendly home, chances are you want to do your part to protect the environment! Building a green home means that you and your homebuilder will do as little as possible to disturb nature while in the process of building. Your home will also help the environment around you for years to come, whether its by planting trees or utilizing sustainable materials.


Choosing to build a green home comes with a lot of questions, but one thing you’ll never question is EnergyStar’s dedication to building sustainable homes. Each new home we build is “EnergyStar” certified by a third party inspection agency for your peace of mind. Please visit www.energystar.gov for complete details on EPA’s EnergyStar program. Our Sales Managers are ready and willing to let you know how this program applies to your new home!

Our homes are designed and built with respect for the environment as well as your long-term cost of ownership. For more information, contact us today on how you can get started building a green home with Christopher Companies.