A big question that many homebuyers are faced with in their search for a new home is whether to buy new construction or resale. While it’s true that both types of homes offer benefits depending on the homeowner’s wants and needs, there are a wealth of reasons why buying newly built homes is the best option. At Christopher Companies, we’re proud to offer newly built homes for our customers, providing benefits that resale homes simply do not.

Some homebuyers may already have a clear idea going into the buying process of whether they prefer a newly built or an older home, but for those who are stuck on this decision, consider the following reasons to buy new!:

  • Less maintenance and repairs: Buying a new home means less work and more peace of mind. When compared with older homes, newly built homes tend to have much lower annual maintenance and upkeep costs, translating to less strain on your budget. In addition to the monetary benefit, you can save yourself the headache of having to deal with overwhelming maintenance and upkeep issues that are oftentimes associated with older homes.
  • Energy efficiency: Newly built homes are energy efficient, using the latest technology and materials to keep your home more comfortable and save you money on monthly energy bills. According to New Home Source, newly built homes are up to 30% more efficient than homes built just ten years ago! Not to mention that you can feel good about your lessened environmental impact when living in an energy efficient home.
  • Ability to customize:  When a home builder is building your home from the ground up, you get to be involved in the design process. From flooring to wall color to countertop material to exterior color scheme, you get to choose exactly how you want your home to look, so it’s perfectly tailored to you and your tastes.
  • Modern features: Home builders have a firm grasp on industry trends – they know which features consumers want in a home, and they built to accommodate these trends. Christopher Companies is proud to always be evolving, adjusting the features in our homes to best suit the wants and needs of homeowners. New homes offer such modern features as open concept floor plans, higher ceilings, larger bathrooms and more closet space than older homes. Having these modern features already included in a new home means you don’t have to deal with expensive upgrades to get these desirable features in an older home.
  • Quality construction. New home construction incorporates modern materials and advanced technology, translating to higher quality construction. Unlike pre-existing homes, you’re involved in the building of a new home and have information available about the materials and techniques used, so you can be assured of the high quality building process along every step of the way.

When you get involved in the new home buying process, there’s a wealth of information available about home builders, and in this digital age, it’s easy to find out which companies are reputable and are known for their high quality work. Christopher Companies has over 40 years of experience in the home construction industry, and with over 4,400 satisfied homebuyers, we’re sure to convince you of the benefits of buying new!

SOURCE: New Home Source