When you buy a brand new home with the Christopher Companies, you’re not only getting a new home, you’re gaining a family. One that’s dedicated to building your home with impeccable attention to quality craftmanship, energy-efficiency, and your individual lifestyle.

Our team at Christopher Companies is passionate about not only making your new home vision come to life, but exceeding those expectations. This unparalleled dedication allows Christopher Companies to continue to build new homes without compromise.

4-part video series detailing the benefits of buying a new home with Christopher Companies.

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When you build your new home with the Christopher Companies, you’re not just in good hands – you’ve put your trust in a team with a history of experience in quality homebuilding.


BONUS VIDEO: Why Christopher Companies?

Brian Brandt, Sales Manager for Christopher Companies for 10+ years weighs in on what makes Christopher Companies stand out as a high-quality home builder. Listen in as he discusses the company culture, modern quality construction, ability to customize and more!


At Christopher Companies, we recognize that buying a home is one of the most important decisions you will make. When you build your new home with us, you can rest assured that your home is being built with the latest high-quality constriction materials as well as modern, energy-savvy technology.


At Christopher Companies, we are committed to environmentally-responsible home building from start to finish. We are proud to uphold a Green Commitment to our home buyers.This means a home that surpasses current and future energy standards; a home that is remarkably comfortable for generations to come; a home you can truly feel good about. From the insulation and windows to the interior features, there are a variety of different design and construction elements that play a part in both improving conditions for our environment, as well as saving you money on your utility bills. We’ll prove it.


BONUS VIDEO: Our Green Commitment

Liz Walker, Sales Manager for Christopher Companies, discusses what Christopher’s Green Commitment really means, from energy-rating systems to the individual features that help make our homes energy-efficient.



Your time is valuable. At Christopher Companies, we strive to save you time by building homes within communities that are located in convenient, commuter-friendly locations. This means less time in traffic, less money spent on your transportation needs, and more time for what matters most. The Christopher Companies is proud to offer a variety of different homes located throughout Northern Virginia and by the Delaware Beaches in Sussex County.