The modern evolution of new home floorplans is evident – families want to enjoy each other’s company with open spaces, effortlessly flowing rooms and innovative designs.  This has led to an all-together transformation of today’s homes, one that Christopher Companies has executed in the best ways with our new homes in Fairfax County.

Enter: The Great Room

A great room feature in new homes isn’t a new concept, but its increasing emergence in today’s designs demands our full attention. Typically, a great room is a seamless merging of everyday living spaces.  This might include a casual dining area, living/family room features, and often times the kitchen.

Moving into a new home with an open floorplan has several benefits:

  • Natural Light – When walls are removed, natural sunlight has a chance to fill your home in ways not possible with physical barriers.  Additionally, artificial light also covers more distance when traveling uninterrupted.
  • Increased Quality Time – Families have more ways to spend time with each other.  With several functional areas in one great space, children can sit at the table doing homework while Mom and Dad are in the kitchen area cooking.  These everyday interactions make it easier to be social with our loved ones.
  • Better Surveillance – Speaking of the kids, it’s also easier to keep an eye on the gang when everyone is enjoying their time in one room.
  • Ideal for Entertaining – If your family loves to entertain, then a great, open room will be perfect for you!  Parties are no longer segmented into different rooms; everyone can enjoy each other, gliding from kitchen to dining room to living room effortlessly!

Several of our newest home models feature a great room, which is especially enticing for families who are itching to have this growing trend in their next home.  To find out more on great rooms in a Christopher Companies home, contact us here!