Sure, living in a townhome is nice, but living in a luxury townhome with water views? That’s nearly unheard of!  For those who are familiar with Christopher Companies, you know that our townhomes at both Marina Landing and Wharton’s Bluff feature stunning water and marsh views that attract all types of homebuyers.

But these homes offer more than just their ideal locations.  In fact, by moving into one of these extraordinary homes, you’ll reap many of the benefits of waterfront living.

Water Privileges

What’s the fun of living on the water if you can’t enjoy it?  Both Marina Landing and Wharton’s Bluff offer ways for their residents to experience waterfront living.  At Marina Landing in the Belmont Bay community, the private Marina is utilized by many members and features 158 boat slips on the Occoquan River in Woodbridge, Virginia.

Wharton’s Bluff sits on the Indian River in Millsboro, Delaware and also provides ways for residents to get the most from living on the water. Homeowners have access to a crabbing and fishing pier, a scenic pond and a gazebo for picnics and events.

Relaxing Atmosphere

Some people are just meant to live near the water – it’s the way they’re programed!  Aside from enjoying various water amenities, one of the greatest aspects of living with water-views is, well, taking in the water-views of course!  Not many people can say they wake up every morning to look out their window and see serene marshes or passing sailboats.  And best of all, the open floor plans in a Christopher Companies’ townhome means homeowners can completely appreciate these views everyday.

Valuable Homes

There’s no doubt that many consider waterfront and water-view homes to be more valuable. Not only in monetary measures, but in sentimental measures as well – living in a waterfront community is so special to people of all ages.  Kids and grandkids will grow up with fond memories of crabbing off the pier or learning how to sail, and adults will always appreciate their time away from the noises of the big cities.  Pair this element with the fact that these townhomes are built by Christopher Companies, and you have communities that are in exceptionally high demand.

What better time to move into your dream home than the present?  Waterfront and water-view living just doesn’t get any better than the unique townhomes built by Christopher Companies.  And interested homebuyers are wasting no time – these homes are selling quickly!  Take a look at available properties on our Marina Landing or Wharton’s Bluff pages on our website!