There are many benefits of summer: the pools are open, the kids are out of school, and the fruits and vegetables are fresh! Whether you expand your expertise in gardening, curate a healthier lifestyle for yourself or your family, or even create your very own hidden retreat to relax in, you know the possibilities are endless in gardening!

Who doesn’t love a good DIY?!  We’ve got you covered with this exciting list of creative gardening ideas, courtesy of DIY GARDEN.

Take a journey of DIY discovery, and see exactly what’s possible in your garden with a bit of creative flair and elbow grease.

Some ideas from the list:


Rowing Boat Sandpit Ideas

rowing boat sandpit


Ahoy mateys! Your little captains will have hours of endless fun traversing the high seas with this unique sandpit. Don’t have an old tender lying about? You can build a simple boat structure from plywood. Just remember to drill holes for drainage.

Garden Noughts and Crosses

noughts and crosses


The perfect puzzle for low maintenance gardens! All you need is a few pieces of slate and some painted pebble markers. Whether it’s for the kids, grandkids or big kids at heart, this is a great addition to any outdoor space.

Mud Kitchen Ideas

mud kitchen


Let your budding chefs loose in the open air with a custom-built mud kitchen! Add as many features as you want and give a good home to all of your disused crockery and pans. Throw in a picnic bench and your mud kitchen becomes a mud café.