Before the kids head back to school and your vacation is officially over, you may be planning an end of summer party at your Christopher Companies home. We built you a home with a great outdoor space and now it’s up to you to make it your own, whether it is for entertaining or just relaxing! Check out some great ideas we have collected on how to transform your outdoor space into your favorite “room” of your new Christopher home!

1. Add some shade – During the hot summer days, you will want to be outside, but staying cool is a priority. Outdoor accessories such as an umbrella or a cabana can create a nice shady area for you to enjoy. Another benefit to adding shade is that it can protect certain spots from rain, so you won’t have to sit on a wet chair later.

2. Deck the deck – Just like decorating the interior rooms of your home, you can create any style on the deck, patio, or in your yard with furniture and décor. The deck of any home at Marina Landing would be perfect for a nautical theme!

3. Turn it inside out – What is your favorite room of your home? Where do you spend the most time? When you answer these questions, think about why it is your favorite. Use your favorite room to inspire an outdoor space catered to what you are drawn to, like a comfy chair.

4. Create a summer kitchen – Don’t waste your time cooking in the kitchen when you are hosting an outdoor party! During warmer seasons, invest in a grill or outdoor stovetop so that you can be outside enjoying the company of guests while you prepare a delicious meal.

5. Light up the night – Lighting can set the mood of any space, even if it is outside. Going for a beachy vibe? Try tiki torches! Going for a romantic escape? Candles will do! Some of our other favorite outdoor lighting includes string lights and lanterns.

6. Bring your oasis home – Wishing you were on vacation on a tropical island somewhere? Create your own oasis with plants, a fountain, or even a hot tub! Again, bringing elements that remind you of your favorite places will instantly bring you there, even in your own backyard at Indian Springs Farm.

7. Make it a year-round spot – There is no rule that says outdoor spaces can only be used in the summertime. Create a year-round space outside of your Christopher home by taking advantage of a heat lamp, blankets and pillows, or other barriers from the elements. It is easy to adjust your outdoor space for the seasons, just use your imagination!

With a variety of outdoor spaces to choose from with a brand new Christopher Companies home, the possibilities are endless for creating the perfect outdoor space! Visit for more information!