With its charming downtown area, relaxing way of life, waterfront lifestyle, friendly atmosphere and ideal location, Millsboro is the perfect place to call home in southern Delaware. At Christopher Companies, we couldn’t be happier to have our townhomes in the waterfront community of Wharton’s Bluff, located in the charming town of Millsboro and in the heart of Delaware’s Sussex County.

If you think you know all there is to know about Millsboro, think again! Here are four fun facts about the town that you probably didn’t know:

  1. Impressive population growth. The population of Millsboro has increased 64.3% over the past decade, according to information from the Delaware Census State Data Center. And with all of the great aspects of living in Millsboro, we’re not surprised! The town still remains quaint, however, with population at the 2010 Census at almost 4,000. According to Millsboro.org, it’s the fastest growing community in the state and the largest community in central Southern Delaware.
  2. Rich history. In the local area, there are almost a dozen sites that are listed on the National Register of Historic Places – making the area very rich in history indeed! These nationally registered historic places include farm houses, schools and churches dating from as early as the mid-1800s. Many of these historic places are associated with the Native American heritage of the area – specifically, of the Indian River Nanticoke tribe. In fact, the Nanticoke Indian Museum that you’ve probably seen in Millsboro (picture above) is actually a historic former school building!
  3. Water, water, everywhere. Located along Delaware’s Indian River, there’s plenty of waterfront area to take advantage of for fishing, crabbing, boating, or just relaxing! In fact, about 11% of the total area of the town is water. We’re lucky enough to have a prime slice of Millsboro’s waterfront in Wharton’s Bluff. It’s one of the biggest benefits to living in our newly built townhomes – beautiful views of the Indian River for an unbeatable price!
  4. What’s in a name? The area now known as Millsboro used be named Rock Hole Mills because of the annual spawning of rockfish in the Indian River, and the name “Millsboro” – originally spelled “Millsborough” – was named for the sawmills and gristmills that were abundant in the area in the 1800s. Millsborough was originally only the area on the northeastern side of the Indian River, and it combined with the southwestern side of the river – originally known as Washington and what is now downtown Millsboro – in 1837 when the two towns merged as one.

Millsboro residents will tell you that there’s a lot to love about this charming southern Delaware town, and with our newly built townhomes on the Indian River, the list of great things in Millsboro just got a little longer! For those wishing to enjoy all the benefits of Delaware and of Millsboro, our Wharton’s Bluff townhomes offer the opportunity for waterfront living in one of Sussex County’s most charming towns for an excellent price you won’t find anywhere else!

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