Spring is a season that symbolizes renewal. What better way to start fresh than with a blank canvas? A new home can be exactly that. Need some inspiration? Here are 22 new design trends to look for in 2022.

First up, we have interior trends.

Interior trends


2022 is all about sustainability and being environmentally friendly. This doesn’t just mean recycling your soda cans but being environmentally conscious when purchasing the products in your home and especially picking the materials that make your home. This year try to have or obtain fabrics, products, textiles, etc. that come from natural materials or are made from recycled objects. Christopher Companies leads in building NGBS-Certified and EnergyStar® homes and is dedicated to continuing producing homes that are sustainable and built with respect to the environment. Read more about Christopher’s GREEN COMMITMENT here!

Earth Tones and Shades of Brown

Browns and beiges are the common earthy tones for this year. Design experts predict an increase in different shades of brown, both in flooring and furniture pieces in the home. Christopher Companies offers a variety of different flooring selections for new home buyers to choose from. These vary per community, so be sure to check out what we have available and coming soon on our website!

Timeless Colors like Black and White

True to the last few years, black and white palettes are still trending! You will see black and white patterns, furniture details, decorative objects, and more continue to be on the rise.

Natural Stones

Each natural stone has its own look and feel, and they are all very popular in 2022, as they have been for many years now. Stones like marble, pebble, and granite are in, with marble being the most popular. Christopher Companies provides our new homebuyers a large variety of countertops to select from!

Smart Technology

Smart Technology has been increasing in popularity and will continue to do so this year. There are many different smart home devices available such as remote control of your lightbulbs, sensors, security systems and more. Upgrade your home technology when you buy new with Christopher Companies!

“Lasting Style”

There has been a lot of buying and quickly throwing away in the past years, but in 2022 the trend is to get back to a lasting style. Developing your own personalized style is not only one of a kind and individual to you, but great for the environment.

Multi-Purpose Lower-Level Living

Lower-level living has several purposes. Among the most popular features include space for home theatres, gyms, and game rooms. Many of Christopher Companies’ new home designs include just that. Check out the space on one of our most popular floorplans here! The possibilities are endless.

Natural Light

Large windows that start on the floor and extend all the way up to high ceilings are increasing in popularity this year because of the need and desire for natural light. Natural light can really be a game changer for a home and can make a home more comfortable and feel healthier. Check out these fantastic, airy and bright views from our sold-out Crest of Alexandria condominium project.

Accents of Black

“The color to watch in 2022 for all home accents is black,” Autumn Stankovsky, an interior designer at Floor360, told Insider. “We’ll see black window frames, trim, doors, cabinet hardware, faucets, and door frames.” (Insider, Swantkoski, January 2022). Check out this gorgeous bathroom at this new Christopher townhome that includes sleek black upgraded appliances.

Quiet Rooms & Peaceful, Zen Interiors

The need for a dedicated quiet space is another popular home trend in 2022. With more and more people working from home or looking to their home to be their comfort zone; a quiet, Zen spot is a must

Designated Home Offices

Just like having a quiet spot in your house is important, having a dedicated home office is essential as well. With more people working remotely than ever before, it is extremely important to have an office space all to yourself. Many Christopher Companies’ homes now come equipped with a private home office. Check out this one from our “Taylor” home!

Entertainment Spaces

The desire for more entertaining space at one’s own home is bigger than ever before. Being able to host friends and family in an open setting is ideal for many and a rising trend. Homes by Christopher Companies are designed with today’s modern buyer in mind. Large open and central kitchens leading out to the dining or great room area can be found in almost every new home design offered. Check out this one here.

Pantone Color of the Year for 2022

The Pantone color of 2022 is the beautiful color of Very Peri. Very Peri is a color to keep an eye on this year. Check out this visual video by Pantone by clicking here.


Exterior trends:

Earthy Colors for Siding

Just like for the interior, earthy tones are an increasingly popular palette for home exteriors. According to a leading siding exterior company, Earthy tones such as brown, tan, green, etc. show stability of the house and are attractive to the eye. Christopher Companies offers a variety of designer color schemes to appeal to any new homebuyer!


Textured surfaces can really make a home stand out and is a big design trend this year. Texture can be implemented into the siding – such as shake accents, roof, stonework, and shingles. Check out the exterior of this recently-completed Springfield, VA home here.

Color Trends

A popular concept this year for the exterior of a home is to keep colors within the same color family. This means keeping with similar shades of one color to compliment one another.

Dedicated Outdoor Living Spaces

The pandemic has increased a need and want for certain dedicated spaces in homes. Outdoor spaces are very popular this as being able to entertain is an increasing desire by many. Christopher Companies’ works with the area’s leading architects to design and build homes that meet the needs of today’s modern homebuyer. Check out these breathtaking views from a legacy community by Christopher Companies in Fenwick Island, the Townes at Bayshore Village.

More Light, More Windows

Large windows do not only bring in the beautiful natural light from outdoors, but are also very attractive on the outside of a home. They will be a popular feature on homes this year.

Sustainable Materials

Protecting the environment has become increasingly important to many homebuyers. Home building materials that are proven to increase energy savings are not only popular among new homebuyers, but wonderful to helping to improve the environment. Christopher Companies is dedicated to sustainable building. Read more about our GREEN COMMITMENT here.

Black Accents on the Outside

Similar to the interior, accents/pops of the color black are popular. Black can be seen on the window frame, trim, doors and more this year. Christopher Companies is bringing black accents onboard at our Townes at Little River Crossing community, expected to open for sales this Spring, 2022!

Stone Accents

As to be said with black home accents, stone is a popular material to have on the outside of your house in 2022, especially stone that are light in color. Check out the beautiful stonework on this Christopher home.

Painted Brick

Painted brick is in — specifically, lighter tones of paint that allow darker colors to shine through. Christopher Companies is excited to soon unveil brand new color scheme designs that will incorporate white and grey painted brick options.

This list was derived from a variety of expert interior designers, home-design blogs, studies, as well as product manufacturers.

If you are interested in staying on-trend with Christopher Companies, please visit our website to check out our available and coming soon communities!