It’s the start of a new year and that means new home decor and design trends!  We’ve gathered input from our top experts and preferred interior designers,  Mountain Laurel Design’s Maggie Ryan and Staged Interior’s Trish Kim, to give you the the most popular predictions for new trends in 2023, as well as returning themes from the past year.

Modern Style + Working From Home

Trish Kim, CEO and co-founder at Staged Interior,  makes a few predictions (FOR 2023): “I think the style trend toward very modern will continue. Buyers seek homes that look sleek and easy to take care of, with no upkeep whatsoever. The pandemic need to work at home will change the way we work forever. People who can work at home will be doing so as much as possible, even when the pandemic is over.” Take a look at some of our modern, luxurious interiors:


Pops of Color + Accent Walls

Yes, neutrals colors are still a dominant trend again this year, but adding some color to your spaces will be something to look out for. Maggie says “…adding pops of color will bring your room to life. In 2022, we saw earthy color palettes. In 2023 we will see more saturated bold colors like Pantone’s color of the year Viva Magenta, Benjamin Moore’s Raspberry Blush and Sherwin Williams Redend Point. If you don’t want to commit to painting an entire room, adding small accents will complete your space.


Another trend on the rise is texture! “Adding texture to any room will elevate the space and make it interesting. Flat monochromatic looks are out. Instead, use board and batten, wallpaper, or natural stone to give your space character. You can also incorporate texture in your furnishings and décor by mixing elements such as velvet and linen, marble and metal or wood and cane” says expert, Maggie Ryan. Christopher Companies has options for texture, see one of our two-sided fireplaces made with natural stone:


Mixed Metals

Why have one when you mix and match? Maggie says that mixing up the different metals you have in your home is “a great way to add contrast to your space…you do not have to tie yourself to one metal, instead incorporating different complimentary metals in your fixtures will give your room a modern, luxurious look.”


Black accents

Black accent pieces and hardware are a great way to add contrast, drama, and sophistication to any room, especially when paired with other neutrals like tan and white or rich jewel tones like navy and emerald green. (Source: Jane at Home)


Not only mudrooms, but laundry rooms are getting more attention and detail this year. These spaces have become important to incorporate and to maximize space & use. Check out this Christopher Companies mudroom:

Statement Pieces

Maggie says, “Statement Pieces are all about making a space stand out. Whether it’s a bold piece of art, a unique furniture piece or a vibrant rug, adding a statement piece can give the room a unique memorable look.” Just like pops of color in your home, statement pieces will bring life into your spaces!

Sustainable Materials

Maggie states “As people become more conscious of their impact on the environment, using sustainable materials in interior design is becoming increasingly popular. Natural materials such as cork, bamboo, jute, and rush are being used in décor and furniture that are both stylish and environmentally friendly.” We can only hope this would be a top trend for 2023. Christopher Companies is proud to be building NGBS-certified and EnergyStar® homes with natural materials such as maple wood and oak! Read more about our GREEN COMMITMENT here!

Statement Lighting

In 2023, interior designers and homeowners predict the rising popularity of oversized light fixtures and lighting in interesting shapes.

Designated Work Spaces

“Every staged home will need an at-home office, as well as study spaces for children who will continue to do some learning at home. Those are just different uses of rooms, but need to be considered when staging,” concludes Trish.

We are so excited for this year of new trends and designs that we can embrace and incorporate into our homes. Stay updated with our Northern Virginia communities here, our Maryland communities here, and our Delaware Beach communities here