Excavators, Painters, Cranes – oh my!

Whether you’re more of a person who likes to buy ready-made costumes or customize them on your own (kind of like us!) – there’s a possibility for any costume need.

Here are some of our favorite construction or builder-inspired 2018 Halloween Costumes for your kiddos!

Happy Halloween!



Inspired by the classic cartoon and oh-so-adorable for the little ones! See it here.











Who said you have to be human? Be the machine that helps make all the action happen! Check out this DIY bulldozer costume here. Or this family “wrecker crew” costume here.


HGTV Stars


Maybe you always wanted to be on “Fixer Upper” or “Property Brothers” – well, there’s no better time than Halloween than to play the role of your favorite stars! Check this out on Instagram





Home Painter/Interior Designer

Do you have a little designer on your hands? Always wanted to be the one who picks out those gorgeous furnishings? Or maybe you’re just crunched for time. Resemble some well-known interior decorators here. DIY for your kids here.


Al Borland from “Home Improvement”

Bring it all the way back to the basics! Check out some ideas here.


Minions on the job

Okay, so maybe we’re reaching a bit here, but if you’ve seen the movies, you know they ARE technically hard working builders. And how adorable for the kids? Learn how to do it yourself here.










and finally – why not be the actual house itself?!

Get creative if you’d like – be Alice stuck in the rabbit’s house from “Alice in Wonderland“. How about the house with balloons from “UP“?  The house that fell on the Wicked Witch of the East from “Wizard of Oz“. Other options include a gingerbread house,



Do you have a builder-inspired costume you’d like to share? Message us!