It’s August already, which means that it is time for the kids to go back to school! Here at Christopher Companies, we want you and your family to be fully prepared so that your school year can start out stress free. Check out some of our tips below for getting your family back to school ready!

Make a plan
Before you begin doing anything else, sit down with your family and create a plan of attack. Write down everything you will need to do to prepare yourselves for the new school year and create a timeline so that you can stay on schedule! It would also help to begin planning out what your kids will eat for lunch; will they bring a lunch or buy lunch at school? If they are going to bring lunch, plan out everything you will need from the store.

Organize your home
During the summer, household chores and upkeep can get away from you because you probably spent most of the summer enjoying the weather outside! Get started by making your shopping list, and go through your home and organize everything, from the closets to the kitchen cabinets and desk drawers. This will help you take inventory of school supplies, fall clothes, and sports equipment that you already have and won’t need to purchase again.

Coordinate transportation
If you have a carpool with other local families, create a plan for who will drive the kids to school on what days. If your children take the bus to school, make sure you check beforehand what time the bus arrives, and the exact location – nothing is worse than missing the bus on the first day!

Schedule important appointments
If there are annual appointments that still need to be made for this school year, like doctor, dentist, orthodontist, etc., take an hour to sit down and schedule them out for the school year. The sooner you schedule these appointments, the more availability there will be and you may even get the most sought after time slots, like after school or on holiday breaks.

Follow up
After the first few days of school, ask your kids to give you all of their back to school paperwork to look at. Keep paperwork, syllabi, forms, etc. organized throughout the year and have the kids return any forms that need your signature.

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