“Is it better to rent or own?”

Owning a home – it’s the American dream, but, is it really the best choice? No need to fear, Christopher Companies is here!
We have gathered a number of different resources to compile the ultimate renting vs owning guide.


  • May be more affordable short term, but you cannot build equity in your rental home, nor can you make a profit off your rental home
  • Rent cannot be re-financed
  • Not expandable or easily altered – where you live belongs to your landlord, who will be the one to benefit from the property tax benefits
  • Ability to “pick up and go” when you please, however there are often consequences to breaking a lease term.
  • Landlords can change rental or utility rates at the end of a leasing period



  • The interest and the property tax you pay on your mortgage is tax deductible (and interest rates are at historic lows!)
  • A fixed mortgage lets homeowners know exactly what their monthly payments will be
  • You can build equity in your home
  • An increase in value means more profit for you when you sell your home
  • A sense of freedom and independence
  • You won’t get charged for owning a pet
  • You can choose your own providers
  • Ability to make renovations, which could help to increase the value of your home as well



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