When it comes to purchasing a new home, navigating the maze of financing options can be daunting. However, opting to use a preferred lender recommended by your builder can offer numerous benefits that streamline the process and provide additional perks.

Christopher Companies partners with multiple lenders, providing our homebuyers numerous advantages. These established partnerships ensure a streamlined process, making loan approvals and closings smoother. Additionally, buyers often enjoy incentives such as reduced closing costs, lower interest rates, or home upgrades. Our preferred lenders understand our specific requirements, helping to minimize delays and maintain an efficient construction timeline. Choosing a builder’s preferred lender can also enhance negotiating power and demonstrate commitment to the builder, potentially improving a buyer’s position in competitive markets. Lastly, Christopher Companies rigorously evaluates the lenders we endorse, ensuring they maintain a strong reputation for reliability and customer satisfaction, giving buyers confidence in their financial choice.

Here is a comprehensive list of benefits:

1. Streamlined Communication and Process

One of the biggest advantages of using a preferred lender is the seamless communication between the lender and the builder. Since preferred lenders are familiar with the builder’s processes and timelines, they can efficiently coordinate necessary paperwork, inspections, and appraisals. This collaboration minimizes the chances of miscommunication and delays, ensuring a smoother transaction.

2. Potential Cost Savings

Preferred lenders often provide financial incentives to homebuyers. These incentives can include reduced closing costs, lower interest rates, or special loan programs. Builders might also offer additional perks, such as upgrades or credits, to buyers who choose their preferred lender. These savings can significantly reduce the overall cost of buying your home.

3. Faster Loan Approval

Preferred lenders understand the builder’s workflow and the specifics of the properties being sold. This familiarity allows them to expedite the loan approval process. Faster loan approval means you can move into your new home sooner and with less hassle, making the transition smoother for you and your family.

4. Tailored Loan Programs

Preferred lenders often have specialized loan programs tailored to the builder’s customers. These programs might include options like extended rate locks, which can protect you from rising interest rates during the construction period. Additionally, they might offer loans that accommodate the unique aspects of new construction financing, providing you with more flexible and suitable options.

5. Expertise and Reliability

Preferred lenders are selected based on their reliability and expertise. Builders typically recommend lenders they trust to deliver exceptional service and support. By choosing a preferred lender, you gain access to experienced professionals who are dedicated to ensuring your financing experience is as positive and stress-free as possible.

6. Consistent Updates and Transparency

With a preferred lender, you are likely to receive regular updates on the progress of your loan. This transparency helps you stay informed and prepared for each step of the process. The lender’s familiarity with the builder’s schedule ensures that you are kept in the loop about key milestones, such as appraisal dates and closing timelines.

7. Simplified Documentation

Preferred lenders often have established relationships with builders, which can simplify the documentation process. They know exactly what documents are needed and can help you gather and submit them efficiently. This reduces the risk of missing critical paperwork, which can otherwise delay your loan approval and closing.

8. Enhanced Customer Service

Builders and preferred lenders often work closely to provide a superior customer experience. The lender’s commitment to maintaining a good relationship with the builder typically translates into a high level of service for you. You can expect prompt responses to your inquiries and personalized assistance throughout the loan process.

Choosing to work with a preferred lender can offer substantial benefits when purchasing a new home from a builder. From cost savings and expedited processes to specialized loan programs and enhanced customer service, the advantages are clear. By opting for a preferred lender, you can make your home buying journey more efficient, enjoyable, and financially advantageous. If you’re considering a new home purchase, be sure to explore our options on our financing page!


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