November is here and it’s almost time to celebrate Thanksgiving in your new Christopher Companies home! We all know that Thanksgiving is about being with family and giving thanks for everything that we have, but it can also be stressful preparing for the big day – especially if you wait until the last minute! Before Thanksgiving arrives, check out our list below so you can get a head start on getting organized and prioritizing tasks.

Solidify the guest list: If you don’t know the final number by now, make sure to nail down a tally of who is coming to your home for Thanksgiving! This will help with everything that follows, like shopping lists, sleeping arrangements, and seeing if you will need more chairs or place settings.

Prepare guest rooms: Prepping the guest rooms ahead of time will ensure you have enough time for the most important aspect of Thanksgiving – the food! Prepare your guest rooms by making beds with fresh sheets, putting out extra blankets, and providing clean towels in each room. Our spacious homes ensure that there will always be enough room for all of your loved ones!

Prepare the kitchen: You may be thinking, how can I prepare the kitchen two weeks before Thanksgiving? Well, you will be surprised to see how much more smoothly your cooking will go if you prepare early! Clean out your spice cabinet, fridge, and pantry to make room for things you will purchase at the store, and for leftovers. Make sure you have all of the necessary pots, pans, and dishes you will need, and make a list of things to get. The kitchens in our homes have tons of cabinet and storage space, perfect for all those Thanksgiving dishes!

Clean the dining room: Since this is where you will be holding your celebrations, it’s important that the space is organized and clean. Get the dust bunnies out, shake off area rugs, add chairs or tables (if needed), fold the cloth napkins, and make sure to shine nice tableware if you plan on using some. Ensure that you have plenty of space for people to sit and move around, with plenty of room for all the food. Our open floor plans will make your transitions from kitchen to dining room easy!

Make necessary lists: After you prep your kitchen, write down things you can buy ahead of time, like spices, baking and cooking supplies, table settings, etc. At this time, it will also help to write down a menu of items you will be serving and when you plan to purchase all of the ingredients.

Decorate accordingly: If you haven’t already, swap out your Halloween decorations for the classic fall and Thanksgiving décor. Doing this early will just be another thing crossed off of your long list of to-dos!

Miscellaneous chores: If there are any fall chores you have been meaning to do, it doesn’t hurt to get them done now. These chores or tasks could be anything from unpacking boxes to cleaning out the gutters or raking the leaves on the front lawn.

Now that you have a comprehensive list of things to do before Thanksgiving, you can work through them over the next two weeks, and less stress will come your way! For more information about any of our brand new homes perfect for your holiday celebrations, visit